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What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team .

Charles Duhigg


I love this article because the finding makes so much sense, but at the same time is not obvious.// tldr:// Psychological safety. “Equall conversational turn-taking’’ and ‘‘social sensitivity’’ (One of the easiest ways to gauge social sensitivity is to show someone photos of people’s eyes and ask him or her to describe what the people are thinking or feeling)// Excerpts: >As the researchers studied the groups, however, they noticed two behaviors that all the good teams generally shared.

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The Numbers Game . Why Everything You Know About Soccer Is Wrong

– Chris Anderson – David Sally


NewYork Times published Jack Bell’s article of a really cool book—”The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know About Soccer Is Wrong”. It’s a big-data dissection of the mechanics of soccer. Key Point: > “it is not a game of superstars, it’s a game of galoots and a game of mistakes.” Most interesting findings: * In Baseball and Basketball pregame favorites win ~60% and ~70% time respectively, wheras in soccer only ~ 52% The pregame favorites in soccer are the least likely among major sports to win.

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